Way to Success is to Seize the Opportunity

August 5th, 2015 - These days, retailers vs etailers, the consumer can purchase practically anything online, have it delivered within a matter of days, all from within the comfort of their own home (or phone) 24/7, without having to step one foot out the door. The retail industry, especially for the brick and mortar, is undergoing a dramatic shift and at a rate faster than expected. E-commerce sales are rapidly catching up, if not surpassing store sales. Cooper Smith has an interesting and eye-opening slide presentation worth taking a look at: "E-Commerce and the Future of Retail:2014".

It's already been reported as official, Amazon is now bigger than Wal-Mart.

With the incredible convenience online purchasing offers, e-tailers are offering product assortments that never would have been possible within many retailer distribution and physical space limitations. These days you can buy recliners and beds from drug chains, snacks and meals from office supply chains, and automobiles from wholesale clubs.

As an online seller, you don't even need a lot of people (or space) to compete with the largest retailers, all you need is smarts and a computer or mobile device.

Physical store retailers today, are facing a huge and growing challenges from their online counterparts. Physical retailers have been trending towards store branding, consolidating suppliers, narrowing product assortments, and less inventory.  These means fewer choices for the shopper on the sales floor and quite possibly, a good reason to buy elsewhere, especially if shopers can't find what they need when they want it.

Through technology, we humans (especially our Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1997, now more than 75 million people strong) have been conditioned for instant gratification. As Gordon Hecht says in his great article on "Millennials: Congratulations Mom & Dad, It's a Customer!": "Millennials were raised in a Microwave food, 30 minute pizza delivery environment." Today's shoppers want it now, and the sooner the better.

With online shopping, the shopper's accepted moment of "instant gratification" has shifted a few days to that time when UPS or Fedex arrives at their doorstep. If a shopper is willing to wait a few days (or less) for purchases to be delivered, retailers must consider anyone competition and "anyone" doesn't need a physical storefront to make the sale. In fact, shoppers may use your brick and mortar to find the product they want and award their sale to someone else - online.

As Victor Chasles says, "The sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity".  Instant gratification.  Shoppers "want it now when they want it" and that is today's brick and mortar retailer's moment of opportunity. It's "now" that the advantage over the online seller exists...but only if the retailer has the product on the floor. Now.

This is where GameChangerBrand™ comes in.

Our goal through GameChangerBrand™ and GameChangerMattress™ is to offer the retailer competitive edge with new categories and channels of distribution that they want to improve or might not have been able to handle before because of logitics and space limitations. We provide the retailer with the ability to reward the shopper instantly, products that practically sell themselves, require minimal assistance on the sales floor, overcome logistics and delivery barriers, that the shopper can take home with them now, and that overall improve the bottom line.

GameChangerBrand™ and GameChangerMattress™ are global brands by Vrush Industries Inc. dedicated to helping retailers succeed and grow.  We offer compelling products that give the retailer distinct advantage, new and improved channels of distribution, and packaging solutions that overcome the challenges of logistics and handling.  For additional information, please feel free to visit

The Rush Furniture High Point showroom is open to merchants during Furniture Market and by appointment year-round.  To schedule a private appointment in-between markets please call 336-886-7700 x 23.

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