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The business world is becoming increasingly competitive everyday. To survive, companies are merging with or acquiring other companies and forming close alliances when strategically and mutually beneficial.

Vrush Industries is focused on forming alliances with progressive, forward thinking companies whose business plans call for pursuing tighter, more meaningful relationships with select companies. In truly joining forces with its alliances, together the companies form a "team" that work together to all value and reduce cost. These types of business alliances will mean the difference between success and failure in the new millennium.  We call this "The Millennium Initiative".


Vrush Industries Inc. is an experienced and diversified supplier of quality traffic building items, as well as back end support and sales services.  Our specialties include hospitality and contract supply, retail fulfillment, dot.com, and COM.

We offer:

  • Increased service level, to our business alliances and their customers
  • Cost and expense reductions from improved planning and scheduling, achieved by working closely with our alliances to understand and respond to their needs
  • Information system enhancement and retrieval, including order status, item movement, and 100% fill rates. Increased flexibility to handle order "spikes"
  • Increased use of common CAD design systems, with Internet background to significantly reduce the lead time and cost on prototype and new product development and procedures.
  • Conceptualize and provide CAD drawings of design concepts before actual construction and implementation.

With the volume that comes from dedicated, mutually respectful alliances, VRUSH can implement:

  • Dedicated equipment
  • Dedicated material storage
  • Dedicated workers
  • Dedicated Management & Quality Control
  • Dedicated Purchasing & Replenishment
  • Ultimate savings in Cost, passed along to our Customers