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These days, Retailers vs E-tailers,  the consumer can purchase practically anything online, have it delivered within a matter of days, all from within the comfort of their own home (or phone) 24/7, without having to step one foot out the door.  The retail industry, especially for the brick and mortar, is undergoing a dramatic shift and at a rate faster than expected.  E-commerce sales are rapidly catching up, if not surpassing store sales.  Businessinsider.com Cooper Smith has an interesting and eye-opening slide presention worth taking a look at:"E-Commerce and the Future of Retail:2014". 

With the incredible convenience online purchasing offers, E-tailers are offering product assortments that never would have been possible within most Retailer distribution and physical space limitations.  These days you can buy recliners and beds from drug chains, snacks and meals from office supply chains, and automobiles from wholesale clubs. As an online seller, you don't even need alot of people (or space) to compete with the largest Retailers, all you need is smarts and a computer or mobile device.

GameChangerBrand's goal is to offer the phyical Retailer a competitive edge with new categories and channels of distribution that they couldn't handle before because of logitics and space limitations.

Through techology, we humans (especially our Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1997, now more than 75 million people strong) have been conditioned for instant gratification.  As Gordon Hecht says in his article on www.furninfo.com Millennials:  Congratulations Mom & Dad, It's a Customer!, "Millennials were raised in a Microwave food, 30 minute pizza delivery environment."  Today's shoppers want it now, the sooner the better, including their purchases.   This is a brick and motar Retailer's absolute real advantage over the online sellers...if the 
Retailer has the product on the floor.  


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GameChangerBrand invites you to partner with us.  Through innovation and opportunity, GameChangerBrand aims to keep you ahead of the curve through innovation and opportunity. We offer law-abiding products to give the Retailer edge over the online seller, products that practically sell themselves requiring minimal assistance on the sales floor, products that overcome logistics and delivery barriers, products that the shopper can take with them.   We understand that a happy, satisfied customer who will recommend product to others through word of mouth (and social networks!)  is your best and most cost effective form of adversting for new customers, not to mention THE KEY to repeat sales.

GameChangerBrand features outstanding products with value that consumer will instantly recognize to help grown your retail sales and expand product offerings while requiring minimal distribution effort.


Featured Product:  GameChangerMattress.Com

According to a report released by Global Industy Analysts, Inc., the global mattress market is projected to reach $24.65 billion by 2017.  That's a big number!  (Read the bedroomretailers.com  article here.)   By 2020, they anticipate that figures soars to $37.9 billion.

The truth is, most people don't especially look forward to the shopping experience of buying a mattress.  There are too many choices, a zillion buzz words and mysterious marketing cliches for the shopper to understand as to what certain mattresses *do* for you, and  pressured-to-perform sales people on the customer's back.  Then, if a sale is made, there is the the logistic hassle to the retailer of delivering the mattress to the consumer and the consumer having to deal with the possibility of being inconvenienced by the delivery itself.

With GameChangerMattress, GameChangerBrand is out to change that with new and convenient distribution channels that every retailer can profit and grow from.  Thanks to technological advancement in both product design and packaging, we are able to offer up to a luxury quality King size mattress in a  compact, conveninent, manageable, carry-home box.  Once in the room the mattress will be used, the consumer bring to it's full size by simply exposing it to air.  No assembly, no mess, and with minimal packaging to dispose of.


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  • Toppers
  • Pillows
  • Pet Beds
  • Exercise Mats
  • Chair & Seat Pads


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GameChangerBrand is another Vrush Industries quality brands.